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Our Fast and Light series of aero road bike wheels are exactly what the name says. They are both fast and light.

To be fast, we have used a more modern wide and blunt shape. Allowing your tire to perfectly seat in the rim and help to guide airflow around your wheel. As well as being wide our carbon fiber rims are also tubeless compatible. You can now make that step up to 25mm tires and add comfort to your fast wheels, knowing that our aero shape works best with a wider tire.

To keep the wheels light, we have constructed all of our Fast and Light aero wheels using Toray T700 carbon fiber. T700 is the fiber that our engineers have found to give us the qualities that you want in a set of road bike wheels. All our carbon fiber Fast and Light rims are light, stiff, and aero.

We have laced all the wheels in the series using Sapim CX-Ray spokes. We use Sapim CX-Ray spoke as they are as light as titanium spokes but as stiff as standard spokes. The perfect melding of weight and strength.

To finish the wheels off, we use Novatec sealed bearing hubs. We have found Novatec hubs to be reliable and very easy to service. They are also pretty lightweight — all adding up to being a great a hubset that will serve you well for years to come.

All of this and you get a two-year guarantee and a set of wheels that are UCI certified.